Investigations Identify the Defendants for Your Damages, Injuries, and Pain from a Trucking Accident

In a large trucking accident that produces serious injuries, any number of different parties can be responsible and held legally liable for the wreck. This includes the trucker, the company he or she works for, the company that loaded the trailer, the person who planned the truck’s travel itinerary and route, and possibly a defective part (or tire) on the truck itself. So the first thing you must do is find out is whose fault it is for the 18-wheeler accident that caused the serious injuries you suffered and damage to your property. And one important point to keep in mind is the legal notion in Texas law known as “respondent superior.” It basically means that employers are directly liable for the accidents that their employee’s cause. So it follows that the employer is just as liable for the neglectful action or inaction of its employee, which means it is their responsibility to pay for your injuries and other legal accident attorneys laredo

And there is another relatively new source of liability which has emerged over the past few years. States and counties outsource much more of their road maintenance and highway construction duties to the private industry than a few years ago. And Texas is leading the way in this practice. So if a privately-owned company, in the performance of its road construction or maintenance contracts, creates road hazards that cause an 18-wheeler to hit you, these companies may also be held liable for a portion, or maybe all, of the liability arising from the accident. And all private companies retained by the state of Texas or any of its counties for any type of outsourced engagement must – by law – document that they are either properly insured, or provide a very large liability bond that is backed by their cash-on-hand or other verified assets.

To win your claim among a variety of potential defendants, you need an experienced Texas trucking accident attorney to thoroughly investigate the scene of an accident to discover who is liable. Then investigators must wade through a great deal of paperwork to determine the best possible targets for your accident-related compensation. Local or state law enforcement agencies also closely investigate all large trucking wrecks. And sometimes, so does the US Department of Transportation (DOT), especially if a repeat offender of their statutes and laws governing interstate transportation is suspected. But right now, that doesn’t really help you because many times those investigations only affix primary responsibility such as the driver or the company that owns the rig, or that outsourcing provider. Their investigations often fail to identify all underlying causes for the 18 wheeler accident, which reveals every liable party.

Experienced accident lawyers conduct these equally-stringent supplemental investigations. We know how to determine the degree of each responsible party in every truck accident that causes serious injuries. And there are times when our investigations reveal additional facts of the accident that law officials miss. When we do, we pass them along to law enforcement so they can consider further criminal action. And those who are brought up on criminal charges tend to be more exposed to subsequent civil action.

After your trucking accident, your attorney must determine whose negligence caused the wreck, if someone else contributed to it, or if mechanical failure caused the driver to lose control of the big rig. Did the company that owned the cargo fail to correctly load it? Was it safely secured? Sometimes improperly loaded or secured cargo breaks free during transport and topples the trailer, or falls on a vehicle traveling alongside the big rig, or in the sudden path of some unfortunate motorist. Sometimes route planners are negligent in sending the truck with hazardous cargo down a road on which it doesn’t belong.

Rare is the time when finding fault for in an 18-wheeler accident is simple. This is why you benefit from the investigative expertise of a trucking accident lawyer who gets to the bottom of the wreck and identifies every liable party responsible for your injuries, pain, suffering, lost income and other damages arising from the tragic accident.

Our Law Firm has decades of successful skill in handling personal injury litigation in 18-wheeler accident claims and cases. If you’ve been seriously injured, or a family member has been killed by one of these trucks, our expertise assures that you receive the fairest compensation possible for the injuries and pain you have suffered, or the wrongful death of your loved one. We’ve helped deliver millions of dollars to hundreds of accident victims in Texas. Our experienced accident lawyers can help you win the best compensation possible for you.

Call us today at 1(800) 862-1260 (toll-free) for a free consultation to continue your road to total recovery and resume your life. You’re already been victimized once. Don’t let it happen a second time because you waited too long to do the right thing about it.

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Attorney’s Fees in a Car Accident Case

Personal Injury Lawyers » Attorney’s Fees in a Car Accident Case

How Attorney’s Fees Work in an Automobile Accident Case

Everyone has heard horror stories about how attorneys charge exorbitant fees and how the only party who always wins in a lawsuit is the firm. The reality of the situation is attorney’s fees are not really that scary of a proposition. This article will describe how attorney fees work in a car accident accident attorneys

Contingency Fee Contracts

The term “contingency fee” essentially means that the payment of legal fees is contingent upon our firm winning your case. If we don’t win, you don’t pay us. Period.

Here’s how that works:

We front all costs and we will be reimbursed only if we are successful. There are many expenses associated with researching your claim and filing for damages through the court system, but since we understand that you have probably been financially harmed due to your injury, our law office shoulders this burden so that you may be able to seek recovery.

We put in the tens, hundreds, or thousands of hours necessary to win your case with no guarantee that we’ll ever be compensated. Litigating a claim can be incredibly expensive and extraordinarily time-consuming, but our firm understands how crucial a successful outcome of your case is to the success of your family. This is why we are willing to work so hard to help you without any guaranteed payment.

You agree to let us keep a percentage of your winnings as our fee. This portion is simply meant to reimburse our firm for the expenses we paid for upfront in order to reach a successful outcome and compensate our staff for their hard work to benefit you.

Our portion is usually about 1/3, sometimes more and sometimes less depending upon the type of case, statutory limits, the risk we will have to assume, etc. This is something that will need to be discussed in further detail. The cost of litigation often varies based on the nature of the claim, the number of people involved, and the amount you are able to seek in claims.

You literally pay us nothing is we don’t win. If we do not successfully get you compensation for your claim, we also receive nothing. You are not responsible for reimbursing us for any money previously spent in preparation for your accident lawyers

Why Do We Do Contingency Fee Contracts?

Filing a lawsuit and pursuing a defendant through negligence takes a lot of attorney time and costs lots of money through simple things like filing fees. Most people cannot afford to pay a lawyer by the hour especially when there is no degree of certainty they will win. By representing clients on a contingency fee basis we assume all the financial risk.

Do you have a legal issue or question? Call us now.

We understand that you are probably seeking damages because you may not be able to afford the medical treatment you desperately need to fully recover. Or your car may have been totaled in the accident, and without financial compensation from the defendant, you cannot possibly purchase another car. Logically, if you cannot afford to pay for your medical bills, or you cannot afford to buy a new car, you probably cannot afford to pay for an attorney with no guarantee of success. This is why we use contingency fees.

We are sympathetic to your situation and we choose to use our assets to better help you. We believe this allows people a way to hold responsible defendants accountable and gives innocent victims, like you, access to the courts. To fully understand how we will use a contingency fee in your claim, you will need to speak with one of our attorneys. Call our law office.

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Texas Truck & Tractor Trailer Accident

According to research, about half of all commercial vehicle occupant deaths result from truck rollovers. And five percent of fatal truck accidents happen at freeway interchanges, especially curved entrance and exit ramps.truck accident attorneys - persona; injury lawyers Find more information here @

Reasons Trucks Rollover

Large trucks and tractor trailers can rollover for any number of reasons, including—

Uneven distribution of cargo. An unbalanced or unsecured load can easily shift, causing a rollover at any time, but particularly on curves.
Speeding. A truck traveling faster than conditions permit can easily rollover due to the truck’s higher center of gravity.
Erratic driving. Changing lanes or directions too quickly, turns, or abrupt deceleration due to traffic.
Objects in the roadway. Trucks may lose stability with abrupt steering.
Poor weather conditions. Truck rollovers are more likely to occur when snow, rain, ice, or fog is present.

The Driver May Not Always Be At Fault

Those that load cargo may be at fault if uneven distribution of weight causes a trucking accident. The truck’s center of gravity is raised higher than normal if the heaviest items are loaded on top of lighter items, making the truck inherently unstable.

Rollovers Are Dangerous To All Vehicles On The Road

While truck drivers may be seriously injured in rollovers, others in smaller and lighter vehicles are also in danger and may possibly be seriously injured such as a spinal cord injury. A truck can roll onto a car or other vehicle and crush it and its occupants. Another danger is chain reaction crashes, where other vehicles are unable to stop in time to avoid crashing into the disabled truck and other vehicles surrounding it. If you or a loved one find yourself in a serious trucking accident or injured as a result from a crash it is important to contact an accident and spinal cord injury law firm near you.

Spinal Cord Injury, Tractor Trailer & Truck Accident Law Firm
Contact us if you are injured in a rollover truck accident, let the trucking accident lawyers at our Law Office get you the compensation you deserve. Call us today to schedule a consultation. Or click on this link here @

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