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According to research, about half of all commercial vehicle occupant deaths result from truck rollovers. And five percent of fatal truck accidents happen at freeway interchanges, especially curved entrance and exit ramps.truck accident attorneys - persona; injury lawyers Find more information here @ https://caraccidentattorneysa.com/truck-accident-lawyers-san-antonio/

Reasons Trucks Rollover

Large trucks and tractor trailers can rollover for any number of reasons, including—

Uneven distribution of cargo. An unbalanced or unsecured load can easily shift, causing a rollover at any time, but particularly on curves.
Speeding. A truck traveling faster than conditions permit can easily rollover due to the truck’s higher center of gravity.
Erratic driving. Changing lanes or directions too quickly, turns, or abrupt deceleration due to traffic.
Objects in the roadway. Trucks may lose stability with abrupt steering.
Poor weather conditions. Truck rollovers are more likely to occur when snow, rain, ice, or fog is present.

The Driver May Not Always Be At Fault

Those that load cargo may be at fault if uneven distribution of weight causes a trucking accident. The truck’s center of gravity is raised higher than normal if the heaviest items are loaded on top of lighter items, making the truck inherently unstable.

Rollovers Are Dangerous To All Vehicles On The Road

While truck drivers may be seriously injured in rollovers, others in smaller and lighter vehicles are also in danger and may possibly be seriously injured such as a spinal cord injury. A truck can roll onto a car or other vehicle and crush it and its occupants. Another danger is chain reaction crashes, where other vehicles are unable to stop in time to avoid crashing into the disabled truck and other vehicles surrounding it. If you or a loved one find yourself in a serious trucking accident or injured as a result from a crash it is important to contact an accident and spinal cord injury law firm near you.

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