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Serious Car Accidents: A Major Cause of Back Injuries

While many people are skeptical of accident victims who say they received a back injury, the truth is those back injuries are among the most common auto accident injuries. When you sustain a back injury, no matter how minor, it may prove to be an injury that causes you pain and problems all your life. Back injuries from serious car accidents are far more likely to cause lifelong problems. Please don’t underestimate how severely they can impact your life and the lives of your family, friends, and employer. More about our Car Accident Lawyer in San Antonio here
No one plans to have an auto accident, to suffer a back injury, or especially to live with partial or full paralysis. But many people who planned only to go to the store, to work, or on vacation end up in an auto accident and some of those with a back injury. When you or a family member is the one so injured, the shock and sudden disruption of your life, hopes, dreams, and goals is devastating.

It is no less disruptive to your family, either. They, too, will be preoccupied with your care and any consequences of the accident for many months. This is compounded if they were also injured in the same accident.

More Than Legal Representation

Were you, having experienced a back injury from a serious car accident, able to handle everything that came up immediately afterward with no confusion, uncertainty, or forgetfulness?

The attorneys at our Law Firm have built their practice around the needs of clients in your situation. And those needs go beyond impeccable legal representation. During the time we are preparing your case, your needs might include financial support to pay your medical bills, rent a vehicle until your insurance company settles, or for transportation to and from medical care and rehabilitation. We will make sure you get the care and help you need.

Our attorneys see you as more than a client, but an injured person, a family member, a displaced employee who is without an income due to back injuries resulting from a serious auto accident. Our practice was designed to assist our clients with all of their needs along with excellent representation and our reputation for winning high award settlements.

When you need an experienced, compassionate, and diligent personal injury attorney for your back injury case, please contact our highly respected Texas auto accident attorneys.

The driver in a left turn auto accident has some unique legal positions to overcome. Clients who come to our Law Firm are often surprised to learn that the driver in a left-turn accident is presumed to be negligent in most cases unless the fault is clearly that of the other driver. Even then, there are complications that blur the lines of liability.

Left Turn Accident Issues

Because left turns are considered one of the most dangerous maneuvers drivers make on a regular basis, the laws designed to prevent them are precise and clear, requiring compliance with rules such as:

Texas drivers must clearly indicate their intent to turn left and for a sufficient amount of time and distance.
Texas requires you to signal your intent to turn for at least 100 feet using either your left turn blinker or your arm signal.
Both your front and back turn lights must be in working condition.
If you are turning with a green arrow, you must be able to clear the intersection before the light turns red.
Comparative Negligence
Some oncoming drivers, however, contribute to left turn accidents by their own negligent driving. Comparative negligence is also known as contributory negligence. This is the degree to which every party to an accident is at fault.

In Texas, our laws are based upon “proportional comparative fault at 51%.” This legislation states that if a driver is more than 51% liable for the cause of an accident, then that driver is not eligible for any damages. For this reason, our steps to take after an accident advises saying as little as possible after an accident and never admitting or even suggesting you might have been at fault.
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